6 Reasons to work with us

1. We tell you the truth

We locate the most suitable villa, castle, apartment, palazzo or private hotel and make a detailed appraisal of the property, listing its good and bad points and technical details: we tell you the truth;

2. We know technology

We have a hidden portfolio which you simply pick properties from: we have already done all the job for you. After you have selected your properties, you can access the server and simply download files as many times you need to; starting from 8% up to 18% you will sign just one contract and receive your agreed-upon commission. This will apply to all properties in the full management portfolio.

3. You like it personal - and so do we. 

Once you have booked a holiday in one of the properties in our portfolio we make an enormous effort in making the experience bespoken. We will ask guests about their general intrests and needs, then we will prepare a unique program for the group based on their wishes.

4. Oversee and manage

We oversee and manage the rental for the duration of your clients’ stay. We are on hand to deal with guests’ problems as they arise – for example if they are badly treated or overcharged in a restaurant, if their car is stuck somewhere or if they want to understand what they’re screaming to them when they’re in traffic. We ensure that any eventual problems with plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electricity are remedied by the hour. Having a professional in the immediate villa surroundings for each property in our portfolio, we can assure a quick response for any issue;

5. Details

We will take care of every need and customise the experience down to small details. We train our staff to be prepared to whatsoever emergency, being this a Christmas dinner for celiacs or a sudden tragic medical condition.

6. Feedbacks

We will collect feedback and preferences from guests and forward them to you: which style of property, which habit, which taste for food and wine and much more. We make a detailed evaluation of the experience and we are happy to share it with you.