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This is the delivery of one offer, starting from the offer

Composition of the group: Family of four with two kids (2 boys, one is 5 and the second is 8)

Background of group: North America, father and mother work together in show business, my agents tells me they are very succesful and they are coming to Tuscany to relax and that’s why they have chosen this region although they know there’s not a lot of events going on in December. Mother suffers of neck pain and we are required to provide special pillows. Dad loves red wine.

Time: December, Christmas Holidays


Our first concern is that mum and dad can finally relax, so we put on hold our best baby sitter, born american and expert of kids activities. She prepares a file of possible activities (including baking classes, italian course, photography in the farm and tour of the carousels) and a daily program;

We choose a territory that is not as famous as the Chianti however is perfect for this group composition: it is close to Collodi (Park of Pinocchio) and to Leonardo da Vinci’s home and museum, which captivates kids immensely (especially boys)

We choose a villa in this territory that is five minutes away from a world famous wellness and medical SPA ( and take an appointment with the SPA director and mum, who’ll be treated daily. The program includes relaxing massages, neck massage, grotto and steam baths; while mum is getting her treatments, dad is swimming in the thermal spa and our super nanny is five minutes away, at the villa, preparing cupcakes with the two boys who are having a blast;

Mum expresses her desire, after two full days of SPA treatments, to have extra face treatment to look fresher. She feels happy and relieved. We call our London doctor, ranked as one of the best three in Europe, who flies to the villa the very day after and give her a sensational lifting which is non chirurgical and leaves no tracks on her face after only 48 hours.

Fourth day we have our sommelier Lorenzo coming to the property for a private wine tasting, that follows a little show of the boys in medieval costume – a photographer takes pictures of the family during the show and prints a calendar before departure and burns a DVD with all the hundreds of pictures taken to take back home.

We have assigned a female chef to this group, a maternal lady who specializes in vegetarian cuisine and loves kids. She has been able to supply delicious suppers for parents and simple, fun dishes for the kids. She has also been in charge of the cooking lessons to the babies.

We have assigned a female driver and authorized tour guide at the same time who, with her Viano, has been able to escort our family everywhere, every time, every day: mum didn’t feel like driving and dad wanted to go out for dinner and be able to drink wine.


Our agent has received an amazing feedback and these guests have booked their ski holidays through the same company.


Who’s Leonardo Da Vinci – One of the greatest artists of all time, known throughout the world for its extraordinary genius. Visit his birthplace, the charming town of Vinci, that is located on top of a hill surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. A private guide and driver will lead you to Vinci with a comfortable minivan for a visit of Leonardo’s house and the Museo Leonardiano, where his most original inventions are displayed. A lunch at a typical restaurant will complete the tour.