Interview to Juanita


1. I know that you have a history as a web designer, so what pushed you to open a company in a different segment of business?

I love aesthetics, good shapes, a great structure behind the shape: house can epitomise this more than a sequence of electrons. However, I didn't decide anything: I substituted a friend who worked as a tour guide for a cruise company in the early '90ies, and brought almost a hundred people to a wine tasting in a castle. It was magical and I am still ashamed for all the lies I told them - what did I know about wine and Tuscany, at the time? The very same sunday I went out for dinner with my boyfriend and then we saw this movie, Stealing Beauty, of Bernardo Bertolucci - about Tuscany, youth, roots. The day after I knew I wanted to do something of my life so that I could see those scenarios everyday. I know it sounds naive, but this is what pushed me.

2. How has the company developed, e.g. how many houses did you start with and how many houses do they operate with now etc.?

I started with two friends and zero houses. That company failed. After one year and a big failure I knew what I wanted, and I presented a plan to EU for a financial help: I got it. I got my first 30.000 euros. I started it with my sister and one other girl, who lent us an extra two thousand euros. Eventually she left. We contacted proprietors who were advertising on the internet and started with those properties. One thing lead to an other and we got up to 500 properties. Today we have 64. The best ones in Italy.

3. What was your vision when they started?

To become the number one company in the world as portfolios creators. And it still is.

4. I have looked at your blog and saw that you were born in Livorno would you please explain to me your commitment to Italy but especially the Tuscany area.

My family is a melting pot and I was born in Livorno as a pure accident. I have chosen Tuscany the day I have seen Tuscany with adults eyes for the first time. I adore Tuscany because it's a land for questions, while many other places in the world suggest answers. It's uncomplete. Wild. Pure. Not everyone can understand the implications of a trip to Tuscany, and this makes it even more attractive to represent. Regarding Italy: in each region we have somebody like us, someone who lives there and it's madly in love with the territory, to supply villas for our clients. I would never proposed a property which is less than adored by my producers. I would want to live in each property we feature.

5. Would you please also explain to me your main goals and are some of these goals fulfilled?

We wish to become a loyal partner with an unbeatable know-how for our clients and retailers. We wish that when a great agent abroad think Italy, thinks Admaiora.

Interview by Øzenc Yazar.