We supply properties and ground services for short-term vacation rentals to professionals and tour operators specialising in tailor-made experiences with a great focus on clients. We provide full assistance, services and integrated logistics. We are registered in Italy both as a fully licensed tour operator as well as a service company. We provide 24/7 assistance to customers on-site, a whole holiday customised and branded according to our partners desire.


We’ll set-up your very own portfolio in as little as 30 minutes. You’ll be invited to your personal folder where we’ll share materials. You will be alerted by our system whenever there has been a change in description or availabilities.


Our partners are selected on criteria that do not involve paying a fee: we like it to stay a small, virtuous network of great professionals. Your results in booking determine our revenue and, after 24 months, your commission.


We’ll supply partners with great product, a list of commissioned activities and promote their services through our partners websites and social media accounts to thousands of business customers every week.

We have been in business since 2004 as the first and only business-to-business rental company in the European touristic market. We not only supply properties to our partners agents and conciergerìe but provide consulting on territory and services as part of our program. Bono Tempo Travel™ was then created in 2008 in Italy and it is an authorised, legally registered, fully insured and licensed Italian Tour Operator to provide ready-to-book touristic packages, transfers, tickets, flights for rental companies.