Protection and reputation


We have created a niche in which we use our specialisation in house scouting to make our agencies – our clients – work as smooth as possible. For a foreign travel agency finding a suitable property for the still more demanding client can be a very difficult task. With our services the agencies job has become easier: we offer a detailed portfolio with all the needed information and support your clients while they are in Italy, providing them with first quality information. Working with us it’s like having your representative office in Italy without the massive costs of it.

Our purpose

The purpose of this company is to provide a unique service both to proprietors and rental professionals, selecting the best of both worlds, establishing a trustworthy relationship between all players and providing legal support and economically beneficial solutions following a long-term strategy. All members of team are dedicated to each and every property we undertake. We are very passionate about Travel and Italy, however, the focus is always on clients plans. We are not ‘YES’ men – If we think something isn’t right, we’ll be honest and will work hard to find a solution. This honest, focus on the long-term relationship and ability to deliver is the reason 90% of our work comes from recommendations. We are very flexible when it comes to working to last minute without compromising quality.


Trust is important for us. Together with love for Italy and strong bonds to the region of Tuscany. Each house we got in our portfolio is a house we want to live in ourselves.Our goal is not to exploit the retailers’ customers but to give every proprietor a safe network of great retailers and to every partner a relaxed experience by renting houses with us.


Besides scouting quality villas, castles, centrally located apartments, antique palazzos for your clients, we are also in control of ground services. Proprietors and estate managers are introduced to our partner companies while guests will feel they are not being handled by many different intermediators – in fact we are not intermediators, we consult for a complete rental plan. The whole experience will be customisable and hassle-free.


We only pick properties that are safe. We always check out the property’s owners status and whether rental incidents have already occurred on the property or nearby.


We pay taxes. We are legally entitled to do our job and are fully insured for it. We don’t employ people who don’t pay taxes and, therefore, doesn’t regularly invoices for services or rentals. This, of course, has a cost. There are many brokers and so-called companies who work as intermediators in rentals with no title to do so. They have no insurance, no legal coverage and no interest in supplying a safe product: if you work with them because they can offer a better price than we do, you probably don’t need our help at all. We’ll of course open our door with the biggest smile when you will buzz, frustrated, for lack of on-site assistance, because you don’t know what to tell your angry clients.