We got lemons...

“La Limonaia” is one of the most common buildings we have in the villas properties. A sacred place of scents, aromas and colors, where these magic fruit trees pass by the winter kept saved from the cold, with cares.

For everybody us, here in Tuscany, it might be normal to have or to see a lemon tree in the garden, in a big “conca di cotto dell’Impruneta” (terracotta from Impruneta vase).

It’s our natural garden decoration, and its fruits are our natural interior decor, for all summer long.

Bright yellow, an intense energizing scent: a centerpiece with lemon is the most entusiastic welcome you can give to your guests, and the best good morning you can reserve for yourself, once in the kitchen for breakfast.

Suggestions: lemons are also very versatile fruits, you can try to make a Limoncello with them; home fragrances with their oil; decoration for cocktails and salads with their peel.