Roseto and the RHOBH

Villa Roseto is the protagonist of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: filled with flowers and fantastic food, we - as fans of the series - have made sure Rose of quality was served at the arrival and that our best chef was on the go: we truly wanted to make an impression.  

You can see our beautiful Ladies arriving to the property on Bravo!

This villa for it's perfect for families or groups of friends, probably the villa with the best position in Tuscany (equidistant from everything, close to Liguria and Portofino, less than an hour from both airports) and it’s located equidistant from Florence, Lucca, Pisa, the SPA of Montecatini and many, many activities. The house has access to the Golf Country Club of Montecatini, it has AC in each bedroom and a heated pool that outreaches 34° Celsius, perfect for rentals out of peak season. 

Due to the location this one is perfect for those interested in visiting “a lot of Tuscany and Liguria” and many other destinations (check the trains, following!)

  • - Montecatini - Center of Florence, between 40 and 55 minutes, circa 4€ pp
  • - Montecatini - Center of Lucca, between 18 and 25 minutes, circa 3€ pp
  • - Montecatini - Center of Viareggio Beach Clubs, between 40 and 55 minutes, circa 4€ pp
  • - Montecatini - Center of Pisa, between 50 and 60 minutes, circa 4€ pp and then From the train station of Florence
  • - Train Station of Florence - Milan, 2 hours, circa 24€ pp
  • - Train Station of Florence - Venice, 2,2 hours, circa 30€ pp
  • - Train Station  of Florence - Rome, 2 hours, circa 24€ pp