Pescia, Lucca and the paper road


Pescia, Lucca and the Valleriana are contained in the land that counts on 500 year of history of paper making, a valley where once over 150 vats were in operation. The Vatican stationary paper was produced here, so the finest paper of the world, a place where water and vegetation seem to have taken over: welcome to a niche of Tuscany so off-the-beaten path and extraordinary, yet just half an hour from Lucca, one hour from Florence and right under the hiking paths of Abetone and Val di Luce. A heaven for those who love to walk and live the authentic Tuscan life, which has very little to do with Dolce Vita and much more with 'cucina povera', 'simple life', 'great local wine, beans and game'. 


This valley is an original mix of famous thermal resorts, intact nature and ancient medieval villages. This is the heart of Tuscany, between Florence and Lucca and, for centuries, was a crossroads for culture, trade and meetings. Her hills conceal villages and castles that from the “Swiss Pesciatina” stretch out until Vinci where the genius of Leonardo da Vinci was born.

The valley extends from the city of Lucca to Florence including within it and on its hills, typical Tuscan landscape, with many medieval places and villages, renaissance art and landscape as well as spas. The climate is always milder than other areas of the Tuscan countryside, due to the influence of the sea just forty km away. This location is pleasant and relaxing as well as very close to all of the most desirable and interesting tourist destinations: Firenze, Pisa, Lucca, Forte dei Marmi, Vinci.


Versilia Club Beaches as well as Chianti most famous wineries and historical gardens are within one hour of reach. From the chestnut woods, passing through the landscape scattered with olives trees, we reach the valley where the precious waters of Montecatini Terme and the steam of Monsummano Terme’s grottos are born, and where the natural reserve of Padule di Fucecchio extends.


With ten managed properties in this area we can offer you a range of different villas with concierge service. This lot of portfolio will satisfy your returning clients to Tuscany who have a taste for Liguria, for the northern cities of Tuscany such as Lucca, Florence, Pisa and for the discerning travelers who love a different story.