A special eye for special guests


At Villa Mussio we have put a lot of effort in celebrating our special clients who could not run a marathon (and neither could we, at our age), and have used our space to create one elevator that can bring guests from ground floor to first and second floor, where all bedrooms are located and a professional kitchen where everybody can assist and cook - there is enough space for everybody to wander around, on a wheelchair too.    


Our bedrooms and rooms are so wide one won't have any trouble in crossing them, and bathrooms are as wide as generally rooms are in a hotel. 


We can and will take off all rugs if necessary, we will go the extra mile for our little guests as well, so we have decided to place our pool - covered - on a superior level, at a security distance from our entrance. No need to say our pool is heated, so that everybody can dip in even in May or September. 


To represent Villa Mussio contact Juanita juanita@villaslink.com

Juanita de Paola