Portofino, down below


One of the first things that strikes you when getting to Portofino is the scent: not just a healing breeze from the sea, more like hundreds lemon trees had grabbed a ventilator and spent their day at the beach. It is intoxicating. 


The vegetation dynamics on Portofino promontory develops within three orders: Quercetalia ilicis, Quercetalia pubescentis and Fagetalia sylvaticae, which often come into close contact and bring about complex mixed types (cit. Webbia Journal of Plant Taxonomy and Geography Vol. 39, 1986): on warm days walking here is a tremendous pleasure, on herb-scented patterns featuring breathtaking views.


Such luxuriant vegetation and the perth of luxury could not find a better spot to gel: Portofino is an oxymoron, one of the most exclusive places of Italy by definition, yet it's a place for hikers, hard-core walkers and nature lovers with sandals and white socks. So, it's also one location where elegant men would not be caught dead with a tie, or where a glass of white wine at the local bar is considered way more prestigious than a glass of champagne. 


Like Pantelleria, Portofino is a bubble of beauty and wild nature, for the few who can count a more than reasonable wealth as well as class among their bullets - a small number, a tribe that is extinguishing. 


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