Renovation in Roseto


We have renovated Roseto, that now enjoys a more contemporary style, yet infused of Tuscan charme. All bedrooms, lamps, sofas, dining room and kitchen have been upgraded. 


Our video-system with projector uses the white wall (see picture above) and includes Netflix and all Music channels.


The villa style is a French, airy style, with precious pieces of 1600 and 1700 easily mixed with contemporary pieces and one family-oriented disposition of all ambients. 


Bedrooms and all mattresses have been upgraded to 6 full double bedrooms and 1 twin bedroom close to the master.

The overall atmosphere is that of a happy, very large country house with contemporary amenities.


The heated swimming-pool has been completely redone with new materials (white stone) and 1,40 metres deep.

SwimmingPool-02 copy.jpg

Representing this property

We select the best rental, safe, beautiful properties in the market and match them with the best agents, those who care deeply for their clients and want them to experience an extra ordinary, flawless time during their stay in the villa. We remain available 24/7 and manage a group of extraordinary chefs, cooking mammas, butlers, hosts and runners. If you are interested in representing this property, please do get in contact today with our marketing director.