Renovation in Roseto


We have renovated Roseto, that now enjoys a more contemporary style, yet infused of Tuscan charme. All bedrooms, Lamps, sofas, dining room and kitchen have been upgraded. 


Our video-system with projector uses the white wall (see picture above) and includes Netflix and all Music channels.


The villa style is a French, airy style, with precious pieces of 1600 and 1700 easily mixed with contemporary pieces and one family-oriented disposition of all ambients. 


Bedrooms and all mattresses have been upgraded to 6 full double bedrooms and 1 twin bedroom close to the master


The overall atmosphere is that of a happy, very large country house with contemporary amenities


The heated swimming-pool has been completely redone with new materials (white stone) and 1,40 metres deep

SwimmingPool-02 copy.jpg

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Juanita de Paola