Holy Tuscany


In 1996 a bunch of friends and I went to the cinema to see Stealing Beauty, a movie by Bernardo Bertolucci based on the meaning of familiar love, youth and Tuscany. We went mainly because of Liv Tyler, this ethereal girl we all wanted a piece of as she was a rising fresh face of our generation. I can’t quite remember what I thought about the plot of the movie, however I recall I was transfixed. Hit. Deeply.


These people were living the life, they all spoke both English and Italian, they were moderately beautiful and, most of all, they were different in a good way, above average, I don’t know how to explain this but I felt like I fell in love with all of them at the same time: it just hurt they did not exist really. In the movie they were sharing this colonica - which I have later tried to manage unsuccessfully-, a metaphysical place with an extraordinary dark, long, pool so different from those abominable blue rectangles that still hunt me today.

Like a Fontana’s painting, somebody ripped my canvas - and I peeked: what’s on the other side? And, most importantly, what can I do to find myself, one day, at a table like that, with people like that, dressed like that, as moderately beautiful as them would be enough, in Tuscany? For I will never be able to afford the fabulous colonica, I will rent places like it. I will have my own company and broker properties people want to dream about, save money, work an entire life for. That’s what I’ll do. And so it all started.


Skipped school, went to Florence, to the best Real Estate agency I could think of and asked for a catalogue. It was given to me knowing I could never possibly be a customer, but with such grace and kindness that confirmed how magnificent his job, that type of enterprise, was. I want to be like them I thought, I want to be in this crowd. I want to be charming, speak languages and be surrounded by the International and Cultured. I want to see people talking about politics while sipping Chianti Gallo Nero and thanking me for the incredible colonica I provided. I also want to see rolling hills all the time, getting Tuscany sun tanned.

Forget those dull beach clubs, those melting ice-creams dropping on a very hot sand: I will spend a good two hours at the table, every Sunday, in August, comforted by the sound of a hint of wind among leaves exhausted by heat.


On the catalogue I saw something out of this world, this castle, among all extra ordinary properties - you could rent it all for yourself, for fourty million lire, I think it’s safe to say that today that would be circa seventy thousand euros. Called my dad and asked him to bring me to the town indicated: we would have asked, we would have found. So we did. We rang the door, got in, met the owner who was quite surprised yet welcoming - again, I want to work with this people. She showed us around, I believe she was a writer, she brought us in. I could not move however I was walking, chills down my spine, hidden tears of joy. It lasted ten minutes, maybe a whole day, I have no idea.


Dad and I started traveling, then. Saying he has taken the initiative to show me everywhere in Tuscany would be more correct, introduced me to wine and planted a seed in me that is still growing. We have spent hours in awe, with ‘a furry cat in the stomach’, a metaphor for all those emotions that cannot be digested altogether, in deep gratitude for such beauty, all around: Bolgheri, Gallina, Castiglione, Monteroni, Bagno Vignoni, Scansano - you name it. It was a time for trattorias, vino della casa, endless discussions on the sense of life, work, hope.


Tuscany and her beautiful Italian sister regions constitute today, 23 years old later, my job and my source of daily inspiration. I still get the same kick when entering a property which oozes authenticity, class, a gate to that world I saw in that movie and I get an even more powerful feeling when renting them, knowing I am providing for a little dream of a holiday. All these pictures, talking about luxury and Tuscanity, belong to our Villa San Gimignano.


Representing this property

We select the best rental, safe, beautiful properties in the market and match them with the best agents, those who care deeply for their clients and want them to experience an extra ordinary, flawless time during their stay in the villa. We remain available 24/7 and manage a group of extraordinary chefs, cooking mammas, butlers, hosts and runners. If you are interested in representing this property, please do get in contact today with our marketing director.