We need gardens


In a letter Cicero wrote, trying to arrange a visit with fellow scholar Marcus Terentius Varro, he stated If you have a garden and a library, we will want for nothing. It was instead in Gethsemane, an urban garden at the foot of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, where Jesus prayed and his disciples slept the night before his crucifixion. In 307 BCE the Athenian philosopher Epicurus bought a house with a garden just outside Athens: it became a private space apart from the city, a pleasurable symbol for the detachment and hedonism of the Epicurean school. Nothing of the Garden's layout is known, but its closeness to the canalized Eridanus River must have provided plentiful water for irrigation of its trees and plants.


Hadrian's Villa (Villa Adriana in Italian) is a large Roman archaeological complex at Tivoli, Italy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a vast area of land with many pools, baths, fountains and classical Greek architecture set in what would have been a mixture of landscaped gardens, wilderness areas and cultivated farmlands. The villa was the greatest Roman example of an Alexandrian garden, recreating a sacred landscape.


Heaven itself was a garden: the Garden of Eden, also called Paradise, is the biblical "garden of God" described in the Book of Genesis and the Book of Ezekiel. The name derives from the Akkadian edinnu, from a Sumerian word edin meaning "plain" or "steppe", closely related to an Aramaic root word meaning "fruitful, well-watered", however another interpretation associates the name with a Hebrew word for “pleasure”.


Napoleon's sister created villa Reale, Lucca, by restoring a 16th-century villa and adding adjoining properties to create a wide, impressive garden area: the villa park is gigantic, with restored Baroque gardens, streams, a lake, and fountains. Behind the villa we find a 16th-century water theatre.


Finally, working with plants provides serious stress relief and positive sensory stimulation, according to researchers from NASA. Also, community gardens have been shown to have positive health effects on people, particularly in the areas of decreasing body mass index and lower rates of obesity. Studies have found that community gardens in schools have been found to improve average body mass index in children. A 2013 study found that 17% of obese or overweight children improved their body mass index over seven weeks. There is some evidence to suggest that community gardens have a similar effect in adults. We need gardens as much as we need beauty, friends and good food. We have a collection of villas whose owners have a green thumb (and an army of gardeners), we even manage a villa with a labyrinth of roses where children can play hide and seek in May.


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