Juanita De Paola

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder


Juanita De Paola is a professional travel curator specialising in luxury villa rentals and Italy. She is a Tuscan in London and a Londoner in Tuscany, she calls Vellano home.

De Paola never meant to be an entrepreneur nor in her studies - classics such as Latin, Greek, Philosophy and one unfinished Math University - could have possibly anticipated the burning interest that all of a sudden had invaded her brain after having seen a Betolucci's movie (Stealing Beauty). She has been transfixed by the power of those images: a giant sun, elegant conviviality, architectural beauty, fields of gold, tourists walking the paths of a sleepy, magnificent Italy in the summer, not to mention that portrait of the Tuscan art of entertaining, a place for intercultural exchange with a soft spot for luxury as well as for intimacy.

So this journey, this passion, has become her career. A great deal of luck has put some enlightened partners and proprietors on her way, hard work has followed and still it's the leitmotif of her life. After twenty years, De Paola still gets a kick for every booking, it does not matter if it stays in the hundreds or the thousands: it seems magical, to her, that someone in the world has found VillasLink's properties, that particular villa, and has decided to choose that over all the others: it feels like a statistic miracle. Actually, it feels like when you fall in love with each other. 

De Paola is also the co-founder and CMO of Admaiora Group, a pure B2B that provides concierge services and a columnist for Wall Street International, an educational hub that focused on tracking cultural content and creating a hi-end multimedia tool dedicated to the information needs of its readers.