Antonio Vergara Meersohn

General Manager, Co-founder


Antonio Vergara Meersohn, is the co-founder and GM of VillasLink, a prominent European company in the business-to-business luxury rental.

Chilean born, he had a complicated upbringing due to the dictatorship which forced him to leave the country, as at the time he was one of the Student’s leader at the Economy University of Conception. At 18, he moved to Europe with the aid of the Italian Embassy in Chile, settling in Ferrara where he started studying Medicine while being a translator and teaching Spanish. During his studies he often travelled, most of his wanderlust was spent around Europe, Asia, Africa and thus far he visited over 80 countries. This also developed his passion for photography and the travel industry.

Just before his graduation he decided to drop-out of University and start his first business venture, a publishing house. He became a renowned publisher in Italy for Educational, Art, Design and Architectural books under the label of Logos Edizioni. He also became the co-editor for Italy of Taschen Books and a distributor for other labels.

While being the CEO of Logos Edizioni he also started consulting and working on new business ideas, he’s the co-founder and general manager of Admaiora Group, a company dedicated to integrated touristic services for both real estate proprietors and villa guests, and senior advisor of Cecchi de' Rossi, an exclusive Tuscan company producing a limited number of custom-made leather bags on demand, manufactured in hand-made wine-based colours. In 2012, after selling the Publishing house he co-founded, Wall Street International, an educational hub that focused on tracking cultural content and creating a hi-end multimedia tool dedicated to the information needs of its readers.