Who We ARE


We offer over twenty years of experience in the luxury tourism industry, with prestigious villas, castles, centrally located apartments & palazzos.

VillasLink plays a major role in the European business-to-business enterprise. A company that comes a long way, we started with Admaiora Italia in 2004 and built ourselves a reputation through the rockiest times in the rental business. We have since then contracted a number of properties and supplied them to the most discerning operators in the rental world. In 2009 we have opened our concierge service division and we are today located in Montenegro, Italy and United Kingdom, overseeing operations in the Mediterranean. Our vocation of a business-to-business company remains intact, and so does our loyalty to our retailers.


While we have a deep-rooted history, today we are dynamic, a global organization devoted to innovation. From our offices in Budva, Florence, and London, our team of expert consultants source partners globally – from agencies to service providers and beyond. In addition to our rental business, we also have a growing division dedicated to conciergerie in Italy, as well as travel advisory and property supervision.

VillasLink mission is to elevate every single trip, being a catalyst to agents’ efforts: we believe that you need a partner to complement your efforts.


VillasLink is made by real people, for real people. We know that it takes people from all walks of life to provide great service to customers across Italy and beyond. We like working with people who have personality. Fun, warmth and individuality are all qualities we seek in our team members.

Antonio Vergara Meersohn
General Manager, Co-founder

Ruben Vergara Meersohn
Chief Operating Officer, Owner

Our Team
The VillasLink’s specialists