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The Complete Luxury Experience.


VillasLink is a company licensed to conduct business-to-business rentals, representing owners in the rental market and offering the full range of management, operational and marketing services. Our mission is developing a solid portfolio of prestigious, safe villas and city estates in Italy, addressed to rental professionals. We, in fact, operate as their Italian office: we cooperate with the agents during the course of the booking, providing a 24/7 support network to facilitate operations in Italy. As a natural consequence of our mission, we refer direct customers to our partner agents.

We take care of rentals from start to end, creating an average 20% of repeat clients and supplying a round-the-clock assistance when guests are in Italy. We supervise the properties in our portfolio and select, coordinate and manage all suppliers involved in the rental services.


We were born to be different: we wanted to change the way our industry thinks about rentals and what the role of a rental company should be. We have created a niche in which we use our expertise to make the work of agents as smooth as possible, creating quality informative material while remaining behind the scenes. With our support the agencies job has become easier: we offer a detailed, unbranded information package on each property, assist guests while they are in Italy and resolve problems proactively.

VillasLink provides a unique service both to proprietors and rental professionals. Our aim in the long-term is to establish a trustworthy circuit of agents and owners who want to grow steadily in the market, despite of trends or at the cost of providing average experiences.


An important part of the rental business is to be on the field, and know the territory: this is why our offices are located in some of the main touristic European hubs, to offer our partners the network and expertise they need. Besides offering properties of quality we are also in control of ground service.

Our headquarter is located in Budva, Montenegro and we have branches in Italy and the United Kingdom. As part of our field approach, we handpicked staff in all regions. Our full-time staff members are on call day-and-night to guarantee that each stop on your journey meets VillasLink standard of quality.