Ruben Vergara Meersohn

Chief Operating Officer, Owner


Ruben Vergara Meersohn, 27 years old, born in Italy with a worldly upbringing, is determined to change the face of corporate business through teamwork, constant communication and social responsibility. His vision has become a pivotal asset for VillasLink, a prominent European company in the business-to-business luxury rental, of which heʼs become COO in 2016 after one year of analysis of algorithms that rule processes standing at the core of a travel enterprise, a study that is determining a shift from off-line to on-line business for VillasLink. Ruben is also a managing information technology and procedural consultant for Admaiora, a company dedicated to integrated touristic services for both real estate proprietors and villa guests since 2004.

Driven by curiosity, Ruben has channeled his energy in various enterprises, from wooden eyewear to real estate funds, as a specialist in turn-around management. Early in his career he has become a white-collar working for the second biggest translation company in the world, which lead him to move to Australia, back to Italy and finally to Montenegro. Ruben serves on the boards of directors of Wall Street International, an educational hub focused on tracking cultural content and creating hi-end multimedia information, UMPCG, the union of young entrepreneurs in Montenegro, and Cecchi de' Rossi, an exclusive Tuscan company producing a limited number of custom-made leather bags on demand, manufactured in hand-made wine-based colours.

Ubiquitous connectivity, technology, and the global economy have shaped Ruben to trade work-life balance for work-life harmony, as human, husband and father where his eye for business leaves space to a world of care.